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Protecting you and your families health is more important than ever. With the NHS facing many more challenges in today’s society than ever before, we are seeing over 300,000 people on waiting list for 12mths plus in Northern Ireland to have their first consultation. For many they do not want to wait and suffer in pain. They cant afford to be off work sick for that long surviving on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) £92.50 per week. Maybe they are self employed and cannot afford to be out of work!

Private Medical cover offers peace of mind to these individuals by giving them access to private medical treatment for ‘acute’ medical conditions – diseases, illnesses or injuries. They can do this quickly and receive treatment and diagnosis within a reasonable time period.

At Price Insurance Services we negotiate on your behalf with all PMI insurers to find the right product to meet your needs. Not only do we find the right insurer that fits with your company needs, we also provide a FREE medical concierge service, where we will assist the client in lodging the claim and arranging the medical treatment they require.

How much does Private Medical cost?

A question we get quite a lot, put simply it depends on a few things:

Your postcode and your date of birth.

How does PMI work?

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